Let SHARcuterie Host Your Next Event!

Welcome to SHARcuterie, where food art meets delightful grazing!

This event encourages a relaxed, serve-yourself style, inviting guests to create their own charcuterie plates. Be bold, let your palate guide you. To aid your culinary adventure, we provide a small 'Charcuterie Guide' detailing what each item is and a few pairing suggestions.

During the afternoon or evening, we'll also host a simple charcuterie workshop led by our local host Sharon Masler. She'll share some fun facts about charcuterie, its history, and give some handy tips on putting together a great tasting board.

To go along with your charcuterie, we offer red and white wine selected to enhance your charcuterie experience. We'll also have some non-alcoholic drinks and homemade lemonade on hand for those wanting something different.

Our "Charcuterie Night Out" is a casual, friendly gathering that's all about enjoying good food and good company. So, come on over and spend a relaxing evening tasting delightful bites and making new friends. See you there!

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Monday - Saturday 9-5 AM

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